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Weekday rate
I charge £20* per hour.

Weekend rate
I charge £25* per hour at the weekend (Saturdays only).

Can either be given at the end of the session or an invoice will be issued within 7 days of the work being carried out. This invoice is payable within 14 days. 

Payment can be made in cash, by Paypal, BACS, or cheque. Cheques are payable toFreespace.

*This rate includes the time taken to remove and deal with items removed from your premises e.g. taking items to a charity shop. However, please note although I am a Registered Waste Carrier, I am charged a fee by Bradford Council to process client's items at a recycling centre. Therefore if you would like this to be included as part of the service, you would incur an extra fee. e.g. small, light loads would be charged at £10 per session. Heavier, full loads would cost £20 per session. As it is difficult to estimate the exact weight of a load, Freespace reserves the right to increase this cost, should the weight be excessive. In the event of very large volumes of clutter, a skip may be required. The cost of the skip hire would be passed on to the client.

Confidentiality & Privacy
The client's home is a private space which Freespace respects and will not share with others. The exceptions to this would be where there was any concern for the safety of the client or their household or exceptional circumstances where I am obliged by law to disclose such information. To receive a copy of Freespace's Privacy Policy please email hazel@freespace.me.uk.

In the event of cancellation through illness or circumstances that can't be avoided, you will not be charged a cancellation fee. However as much notice as possible would be appreciated and it is expected that a replacement session will be rebooked within 48 hours of cancellation.

Freespace is NOT a cleaning service. However, in the process of moving objects some light dusting/sweeping may be necessary and undertaken before items can be reorganised. 

There will be no travel costs within the Bradford area. Travelling from this locality, I would charge a rate of 48 pence per mile, (current recommended AA rate) which would be invoiced as part of the job.

All advice is given in good faith. It is up to the client whether they follow suggestions and advice given. Further details of Freespace Terms & Conditions are available on  request and new clients are asked to sign these before sessions begin.