A place to relax...

Not all of us have the money to pay for a landscape gardener to come and revamp our garden or yard. However, we can all make great use of the space we have. Particularly in these trying times where many of us are finding gardens and outdoor spaces places where we can relax and help increase our sense of well being. 

With a passion for gardening and having just completed a diploma in Horticulture, Freespace would love to help you transform and enhance your outdoor space (another room of the house!). I'm happy to give advice or to get stuck in with hands on gardening. I don't have qualifications in landscaping but can help you look at creative ways you can maximise the space you have to make it work for you.
What I can offer is...
- help to clarify your dreams for the space
- decluttering the area 
- ideas on hard landscaping 
- help with soil preparation
- advice on plant selection and help with purchasing
- preparing borders and pots

Consultation and rates would work on the same basis as working on any indoor areas.