Freespace clients speak from their experience
The proof of the pudding ... what do clients say about Freespace?

Chaos, clutter, crisis: that was how I would have described my home office for much of the past eighteen years. 

Hazel will help you work out your goals, and work with you to achieve them. Alone, I would never have made big changes, but with Hazel’s empathic and gentle approach combined with a steady focus and drive, I have a room which I am happy to work in and show to others. Whatever reason you have for wanting help to declutter, I would recommend Hazel without hesitation. 
Mr RC, Keighley

Hazel has quite literally sorted out my life in one morning! I was overwhelmed by paperwork and admin from a busy family life and business. Hazel is a warm and energetic person who didn't make me feel judged. She asked simple non intrusive questions to help create an accessible 'hub' which is already giving me back time and sanity. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
LF, Shipley

Hazel came and helped me declutter, sort and organise several extremely messy and junk-filled rooms and cupboards. She was a bundle of energy, and made sure we got a huge amount done in the time. She was lovely to work with, non-judgmental, efficient but also patient. At the end of the day a car-load of stuff went off to recycle and charity, and my house is a much nicer place to live! It is a huge weight off my mind. It also gave me the energy to keep going and working on the remaining bits. I will be recommending her to friends and family.
DB, Bradford

Hazel has been amazing! She came to our house three times (tho am sure I’ll be asking her to come again!) and each time I was feeling so much better by the time she left. I had a spare room overflowing with stuff and a play room that was out of control plus several clutter ‘trouble spots’. Hazel helped identify a goal or vision for the room or space we were working on - she then worked super quickly to sort stuff and ask helpful non-judgmental questions to aid my decisions about whether to keep, move, reuse or recycle or bin everything we sorted. I’ve learned loads from Hazel's approach and now feel so much more in control. I’ve already recommended Hazel to a number of friends and would not hesitate to recommend her to others. You won’t regret it! 
SF, Leeds

Freespace is the most amazing company! My attic is getting cleared, others are benefiting from my clutter and Hazel is so supporting me through the process. If you have a space that you need to sort out, contact Hazel, she is brilliant!
JD, Shipley

I am so grateful to Hazel for her invaluable input in helping us to sort out our utility room, dining room and attic room- not to mention the horror of my sons' bedroom! Hazel is a powerful ally in any fight against clutter; she is kind, considerate, sensible, tireless and full of amazing ideas about storage, organisation and clearing spaces out. She works with you to try and sort out what you really need and want, and constantly (but gently!) pushes you to examine why you want to hang on to so much stuff. She is totally professional, and I trust her completely. I would recommend her without hesitation.'
EB, Northallerton

'If Hazel hadn't been involved, I can honestly say there is no way we would have known where to start decluttering, let alone us now being able to regain loads of space in our home and enjoy, for the first time a feeling of actually knowing everything has a home. Hazel really takes the time to listen, to really understand what my objectives and dreams are for the house then provides the energy, determination and empowerment to break it down into making it happen. She really knows what she is talking about and her love of what she does is really reflected. It was a real joy to work with her - I would recommend her to anyone!'
Jennie, Bradford

I contacted Hazel at a time when I was worried about a pending house move.  I was particularly anxious about the amount of papers and other “stuff” that I might have to sort through in a hurry if and when the move suddenly became imminent.  After two mornings of sifting through old papers etc with Hazel, I had got rid of about 70% of the stuff that I was worried about.  I feel much better about the situation, and may even have learned some lessons to apply in my life more generally!

PC, Calderdale

'Thankyou so much for coming round yesterday - it was so helpful. I can't believe how amazing the hall feels! Years of 'stuff' has gone! It feels so much lighter - thankyou.
HW, Bradford

'Having Hazel come to my house and help me sort out the overwhelming mess that was my bedroom gave me the motivation and mindset to tackle the rest of the house. She showed me the difference taking small steps in decluttering can make to the look and feel of my room and enabled my family and I to enjoy and to make better use of what was once an eyesore that I wanted to shut the door on.'
Helen, Crossflats 

Hazel helps you to let go of things emotionally as well as physically dealing with it.
JC, Shipley

'Hazel has visited us several times to deal with a cluttered cellar and to help with clearing paperwork. It is a pleasure to have her in our home. She is so well organised and energetic. In just one hour she moves a surprisingly large amount of 'stuff'. I am happy to recommend her warmly and without reservation.'
Jack Morrell, Heaton, Bradford

'Simply the anticipation of Hazel coming motivated me to declutter one room myself before she came. That was really satisfying. Then we could use Hazel's visit to tackle those things that I would find much harder to do alone. Her gentle but focussed questions really helped me to make constructive decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of. Disposing of our surplus and no-longer-used items in a guilt free way has been very liberating. Since Hazel's help, I am better able to use the same thinking processes to continue and maintain the decluttering task.'
Lindsay, Ripon

Hazel managed to achieve so much more in the time available than I would have managed by myself. She had ideas for organisation that I would not have thought of. The end result is still giving me great pleasure and making my life easier weeks down the line. She is like Edward Scissorhands; one blink and a flurry of activity and the job is done. She was also incredibly respectful of my wishes and made me feel as if I was fully in control of the process throughout. I would thoroughly recommend her talents in decluttering any home. The burden of a messy, disorganised cellar and study has been lifted and this has been worth every penny.'
Julia, Bowdon