So how does it work? 
Working out arrangements that work for you

Step 1...
After you've made contact, we'll have an initial phone consultation to find out what you need help with. (free of charge).

Due to the impact of Coronavirus I now offer virtual and at home services. If Freespace is working in your home, PPE will be worn at all times and will only take place after reassurance that both myself and the client are free from any symptoms of Covid 19. 

We'd then arrange a time that is convenient for you to begin a decluttering session. I normally recommend a session to last a minimum of 2 hours (at home) in order to make some decent progress or 1 hour for an online session. 

Length of session
Rather than offer a package, I invite clients to work at a pace that they can manage. Some people will be happy to declutter for a full day (6 hours). Others, who may have health issues or are elderly may have to go at a slower pace and require a shorter session. Freespace is sensitive to the impact that decluttering can have, both mentally and physically and will endeavour to be flexible in the length of session offered. 

Step 2...
I usually suggest starting in the room or area that is causing you the most stress or if tidied would make the most difference. We literally go through each item, only discarding things that you are happy to let go of. I will never throw anything out without your permission. Once we have decided what you would like to keep, we will look at the best way of organising items and whether new storage equipment or systems may be necessary. I can help source and buy storage items as part of the process if that would be helpful. (This part of the job would be charged at the normal hourly rate)

Step 3...
At the end of the session I will remove any unwanted items to the place of your choosing, which could be the local charity shop, recycling centre*, or arrange for the council to pick up items from your residence. In the event of excessive, larger pieces of clutter needing to be discarded, this may require the hiring of a skip. This cost would be incurred by the client. 

Supporting you through the process
Helping you sort through items that have been piling up for years can be a cathartic and healing process, in particular where there may be difficult circumstances involved. e.g. bereavement or separation. I offer a listening ear as well as a helping hand! Having a diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) I appreciate some of the complex psychological elements involved in the accumulation of clutter and hoarding issues. I've  completed Level 1 of the Hoarding Awareness for Professional Practitioners run by Hoarding Disorders UK and have taken the Mental Health First Aid course. 

During the session there may be moments you find the process upsetting. We may need to pause for a short time to enable you to acknowledge what you've found difficult before moving on. 

*recycling centre - please note that I am a Registered Waste Carrier. However, in order to process client's items I am charged a fee by Bradford Council. Therefore if you would like me to take items to a recycling centre, this would incur a fee. Costs are specified in Rates & Terms.